Vásony Ferenc a Twins Gym K-1 versenyzõje

Vásony Ferenc

Ferkó began dealing with combat sport about 12 years ago, before he played basketball, tennis and some other similar sport. His first serious competition was in 2006 which was the prestigious Hanshi international bare hand kempo tournament where he become a silver medalist because of an injury.

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Vásony Marci a Twins Gym K-1 versenyzõje

Vásony Márton

His fighting is characterized by strong close encounters where he thoroughly attacks. He is coached by Twins Gym lead trainer and founder Dr. Zoltán Bene. His trainer body is his brother whom he trains with for (regardless of some exception) every competition. His weight class is 67 kg but sometimes he competes at the higher 71 kg class.

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Twins Gym - Zsiga Melinda Thai-Kick-Box versenyző

Zsiga Melinda

Melinda's sports carrier started with handball in Marcali, which eventually had to be broken due to knee ligament tear. At this time she switched to boxing. It was a great decision since she already won 3rd place on the amateur national championship in 2009. In February 2011,the amateur boxing had been replaced by professional, and a year ago the Thai-boxing is added to her palette. Beside these she has been measured as bikini model since 2010.

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Hegyi Zoltán

I began to seriously deal with martial arts relatively late. First I've had some good successes between beginners and later on between advanced competitors, but the real breakthrough came when I visited a Twins training session. Here I realized that although I have the strength, but my technical qualification had a lot to be desired. This has been going on for over a year and I feel my development is ongoing here. I am up to reach the highes possible level in the the K-1 rule system as well.

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Kazai Kornél

In the fall of 2015 I started kickboxing in Twins Gym. The atmosphere and the hard training sessions enchanted me. My first fight will be an eternal memory for me because I received enormous support and coaching from Ferenc Vásony.

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