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The human body is exposed to enormous load throughout the trainings (Thai box, kick box, cross training, TRX, street workout, yoga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, convict conditioning, MMA) in our gym so regeneration is essential after some hard workouts, the refill of carbohydrate stocks is as important as the warm-up before or the stretching after the sessions. With a nutrition that had been constructed quantitatively and qualitatively a faster regeneration process can be assured, injuries can be avoided and performance can be increased not mentioning the way you feel by doing this.

In Twins gym a dietitian helps you construct a healthier life style, which includes a diet adequate for prevention of diseases caused by bad nutrition, to keep your health condition, to get a desired weight as well as to increase performance for hobbyists and professionals. Our service includes diet journal analysis as well as tracking the diet for some weeks, in which your dietetic will control your diet, helps to keep the personalized life-style in order to reach the desired goals.

Our dietetic introduce herself:

I’m interested in science of nutrition a while now since I have to be on a strict gluten free diet from a very young age, which taught me how to give up on certain foods, how can I prepare my meals as similar as the real one but gluten free. As a dietetic I help others with adopting my experience and knowledge to obtain suited diet in order to reach the desired goals.

Twins nutrition packages


  • price: 4000 Ft
  • time: 1 week
  • 3-day online diet journal analysis

Diet Tracking package:

  • price: 9000 Ft
  • time: 4 week
  • 3-day online diet journal analysis
  • Personal consultation (60 minute)
  • 3-week online diet tracking

Personal consultation:

  • Price: 6000 Ft
  • Time: 60 minute

Meal planning:

  • Price: 15000 Ft
  • Time: 1 week meal plan