Vásony Ferenc a Twins Gym Thai-, Kick-box versenyzõje

Vásony Ferenc


Ferkó began dealing with combat sport about 12 years ago, before he played basketball, tennis and some other similar sport. His first serious competition was in 2006 which was the prestigious Hanshi international bare hand kempo tournament where he become a silver medalist because of an injury.

He won a fight against the junior world championship silver medalist Czech wrestler who was the favorite for winning the tournament. After this he got interested in competitions which he does ever since. His fighting characteristic is to be wise and technical where he can fight correspondingly to his enemy strategy. He is coached by Twins Gym lead trainer Dr. Zoltán Bene. He supplements his Thai and kick-box training with strength, CrossFit and yoga workouts.

Main competition results:

kick-box (K-1 ruling) 5 X National champion (often rewarded with best technique award)

kick-box (K-1 ruling) multiple national athlete

kick-box (K-1 ruling) 2 x Euro-Cup winner

kick-box (K-1 ruling) 1 x World-Cup winner

kick-box (K-1 ruling) world champ. 2. and 3.

kempo world champion 2012 A-full category (K-1 ruling complemented with ground fighting), Europe-, and World-cup winner 2012, A full category (K-1 ruling complemented with ground fighting)