K-1, thai-box és Kick-box edzéseket tart

Vásony Ferenc

Thai, Kick-Box (K-1)

The currently active competitor 'Ferkó' have succeeded not just in the ring but as a coach too. Lot of the youngsters who started the sport with him are national level competitors now. The team which consist of hobbyists from younger to older who find (or resumed) their joy in this rather complex sport.

Competitions- Results:

kick-box (K-1 ruling) 5 X National champion (often rewarded with best technique award)

kick-box (K-1 ruling) multiple national athlete

kick-box (K-1 ruling) 2 x Euro-Cup winner

kick-box (K-1 ruling) 1 x World-Cup winner

kick-box (K-1 ruling) world champ. 2. and 3.

kempo world champion, Europe-, and World-cup winner

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