Selmeczi Lilla

I started crostraining about 2013 than i changed to Crossfit. Before that i tried several different sports, such as yoga, aerobic, running, water polo, gymnastics, TRX), but only Crossfit gave me the motivation i was looking for.

Crossfit changed everything. In the spring of 2016, I completed the Thor Gym Functional Movement Trainer training , and in 2018 I got an invitation to work as a trainer at Thor Gym Angyalföld where I had group training until 2019. This summer I had a huge adventure at Thailand, I had group training at Koh Tao Crossfit Box

I believe in safe and continuous development instead of pursuing performance at all costs. I think prehabilitation is very important to reduce the risk of injury, and to maintain quality movement. The main purpose of my trainings is to improve the quality of life of our guests.

2016 Functional Movement Trainer

2018 Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

2019 Fitness Academy - Fitness Instructor

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