Roli tartja a K-1 gyerek és felnõtt edzéseket a Twins-ben

Schildkraut Roland

Thai, Kick-Box (K-1)

Roli is dealing with martial art for 26 years. He was a Taekwondo competitor for 16 years, during this period he had 60 victorious match without any defeat. He extended his knowledge with Thai-, kick-box techniques in the last ten years. His trainings are held according to the Dutch Thai-, kick-box for beginner and advanced men and women. For kids there are separate trainings in his repertoire.

Contest results:

Taekwondo triple Hungarian champion

Taekwondo, the best technique adult man category in Hungary's championship in 1997-1998

Taekwondo Austrian open champion

Taekwondo Croatian open champion

Taekwondo rep, Olympic team member

Kick-box (K1) 8-time prestige fight winner

His workouts