Sztaracsek Bogi

Hi! My name is Boglárka Sztaracsek, Cross Kids and Crosstraining insturctor.

I have been crossfiting for more than 5 years, which not only fills up physically and spiritually, but also helps you to defeat yourself, constantly giving you new impulses, and always pushing you more than you think. Every workout is different, never the same. In addition, it exercises almost all muscle groups in one hour, making it an effective workout.

How did I become a sports instructor? Funny, but i was avoiding everything that is sport sor sports related until the end of my high school years. Unfortunately, i had no parenting example that would have pushed me forward.

The breakthrough was when they took us to row in high school. I totally fell in love with this form of exercise, so much that I competitively paddled for 2 years. Then when I got to college, I got to know the TRX® training method, went to cross-country races, and took part in several Spartan races.

Then I found crossfit, which I still do regularly. I had a minor injury that helped me recover in about half a year.

Starting a complete lifestyle change, I decided that I wanted to know all about the right training methods, the right exercises, and I wanted to help as many people as possible to reach their goal.

My goal is for all my guests to leave after one hour knowing that they have done something for their health today. My lessons are filled with joy. I consider it important to pay attention to each of my guests. Qualifications:

2016. ELTE Teaching and Kindergarten Faculty, kindergarten teacher

2017. ART Coach Training Bodybuilding and Fitness Sports Training

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