Renátó A Twins Gym edzője

Góman Renátó

Young, aspiring fighter who despite his young age, climbed to the forefront of K1 and Thai Boxing under a few years. Renató imagines his future in this sport, he takes his workouts seriously and his attitude reflects this determination faithfully. Despite of his difficult conditions Renato’s perseverance is unbroken which has been rewarded in less than two years. During his workouts he takes seriuos attention to his pupils, he makes his sessions varied and exciting with the help of the newest training plans and methods used in the biggest racing- studs. He tries to develope each pupil individually. He has been successfuly listed in both national and international competitions, he is definietly a talent facing a great future.

His results from 2015-2016

WKF K-1 Hungarian Champion

Hungarian Thai Box Championship 2nd

Wakf two-times National Champion

International Professional Tournament winner

Professional Four Tournament Championship winner

Professional Tournament Championship winner

Slovakian Open winner

His workouts