Zsiga Melinda a Twins ökölvívó edzője

Zsiga Melinda


The profile range of Melinda is extensive, as the beautiful amazon is a highly talented boxer and a very motivational cross-trainer. As a professional boxer, she knows every useful method to help beginners to perform above their limits on the trainings. Our beauty queen is not only able to change on herself but has the ability to help others, plus according to her toughness in boxing she is able to surprise men as well.

"I was already dealing with athletics in primary school and I got into the bests. I have entitled as the best sport woman of the school. In high school I was playing handball in the league of NBI/B. I've started boxing during college and in 2009 on my first amateur competition I won the third position. As a fitness model I debuted in 2010."


2009 boxing Domestic Championship 3. rank.

8 professional boxing match

2012 IFBB EB Qualification, Hungarian Cup 1. rank.

2012 IFBB Bikini Word cup 2. rank.

His workouts