Gyerek thai-,kick-box a Twins Gym-ben

Children Thai-, Kick-Box (K-1)

Children Thai-, Kick-Box (K-1)

One of our main goal is junior training. It is not essential for us to train a competitor, rather just teaching how sport can affect life in a good way, giving special capabilities. This is especially true for martial arts, as it teaches the young ones for endurance, humility for work and self-confidence. Kids are able to use this knowledge in learning and many other aspect of life. Beside these things it will give self-defense skills and strength, what is very important nowadays. The most important standpoint for us is to teach them for a healthier life (positive attitude for sport, healthy nutrition etc.).

Thai-, kick-box is one of the most complex sport, which improve motion coordination and motion intelligence exceptionally. If someone learns these skills early, it will be much easier to learn other form of motions throughout the years in sports because as a youngster they have a pre developed instinct for doing so. Our team scout kids in a professional way in order to find out who could be a future Thai or kick-box champion. If we see potential in anyone and if the kid also interested in the sport, and also if the parents attitude is positive as well, then we start to direct the child with little steps for contests in order to prepare the future champions. Twins Gym have all the necessary qualifications for competitions. The aim of the children Thai-, kick-box training is to teach the basics of the sport while deduct unnecessary energy and improving their self-confidence. The essence of trainings is not the fight, but the improvement of condition and strength, and as well the learning of the complicated forms of motion, boxing and kicking techniques used in Thai and kick-box. Kids enjoy playing, which is not exactly contact fighting rather just a playful match against each other. We recommend children training from the age of six or seven.

"My kid was 14 years old when we get him to Twins. By this time, he practiced karate for 5 years but the professionals in Twins advised us to wait one year until Lackó will starts to train with the adults, although he was physically prepared for it. The answer was reassuring for me because I saw that they wanted the best for my child."

"At first I was worried about my kid, but I sat down to watch a training and I have seen an honest smile on his face, enjoying the playful exercises. On the way back home he kept asking me if he train hard then will he be able to fight like Spidermam..."

There is no need for registration, the quests are welcomed anytime. If the kid has some equipment they can bring it, if there isn't any, a usual workout dress is enough.