Lakatos Suzy a Twins Gymben



Streching is a type of physical exercise, that should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Muscle relaxation could prevent plenty of musculoskeletal problems, which is nowdays pretty much an everyday issue for many people mainly because of the lack of muscle balance.

These kind of problems can be caused by inadequate sport activity, missing stretching before and after the training session, or not excercising at all on the daily basis.

Stretching can increase blood supply, and at the same time has a major role in avoiding injuries and helping in regeneration.

Exercising stretching combined with breathing exercises is a huge help easing stress and also increases the resting period of the muscle and also the range of motion of the joints providing a more effective muscle work.

But most important, putting stretching in our daily routine will give us a better feeling, and a better health in general.