MMA edzés a Twins Gym-ben



MMA is a modern rule order which with its toughness and the resoluteness of the fighters has conquered the word. Usually MMA is referred as an independent sport but this is a misapprehension as MMA is a rule order in which different fighters (wrestlers, jiu-jitsu fighters, Thai-boxers etc.) can fight with each other.

The two main parts of MMA is standing fight and ground fight. Standing fight is mainly built upon Thai-, kick-box elements, as standing fight in the mentioned sport are more efficient. The ground fight's most efficient part is the Brazilian jiu-jitsu(grappling), what is a version of the precise Japanese jiu-jitsu extended with the Brazilian motion coordination. A good MMA fighter is able to shatter its enemy in standing fight, on the ground to achieve an advantageous position and then force the other to surrender.

If some would like to be a good MMA fighter than it is essential to visit Thai-, kick-box, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and condition trainings, but on a higher level it can be extended with boxing, wrestling or with judo workouts. In Twins Gym you are able to learn the best techniques for standing fight from elements of special Thai-, kick-box. You are also able to learnd Brazilian jiu-jitsu(BJJ) in the system of No-Gi, to be more effective in ground fight. With these beside of the 12-15 hours standing trainings you have the opportunity to have 3 or 4 BJJ, which is a unique possibility in the whole country.

There's a possibility to train for every amateur in order to feel better, but for who is more interested in MMA we are able to provide competition possibilities. This means that all in all we are able to provide the best alternatives no matter if you are an amateur or a professional fighter. In Twins Gym with an MMA Ticket we provide you separate trainers for your standing trainings and for improving your ground techniques.