Crosstraining edzéseken robbanás szerû fejlõdésen mennek keresztül a vendégek



In our gym cross-fit techniques are used to maintain or improve strength from the beginning of our existence. Some methods of these techniques were familiar for us in the last ten years although the whole system got famous for the public in recent years. In the last 3 years cross-fit got popular so cross-fit trainers are coaching not only the professional but the average person too. Soon later some beginners were so satisfied that they started challenge themselves in competitions. Our trainers are prominent among cross-fitters; their preparedness is proven by their competition results. On trainings we strictly guide our students gradually related to their level of strength. Beside strength exercise, our cross-fit crosstrainings) trainings includes techniques from other sports such as athletics, weight - lifting, gymnastics and martial arts in order to provide more fascinating workouts beside basic movements. On our trainings we put emphasize into the improvement of the general condition of muscles with stretching, FSM and other exercises.

The crossfit (crosstraining) is a modern functional form of training, where the human body reacts with exponential physical improvement on stamina, strength and speed. The aim of this type of training is to work with as many muscles as we can, beside these to improve the strength of nerves in order to protect the joints. Furthermore, the goal is to improve stamina as well as strength. This balance is very important because we are able to achieve a condition which will benefit other aspects of our life. Motivation is ensured during the trainings by the diversity of the activities, workout protocols and the newer and newer challenges.

That's why it's very popular among amateurs, professional, boxers and fighters too. The essence of functional, and crosstrainning that it uses usual movements of everyday life (squatting, cross-squatting, lifting, rotation) and/or connects (squatting-uplifting, crosss-squatting-side lifting, TRX, Kettlebell etc.) these during active efforts. Cross training keeps the stabilization muscles in continuous going, beside of the improvement of strength and stamina. Men and women equally like this sport, because it doesn't depend on the level of their fitness, but on the other hand, gives amusing and diversified workout. The exercises can be done in different angles thus contrary to isolated movements stimulates more fibers resulting aesthetical, functional muscle system. Crosstarining assure an exceptionally intensive training therefore stimulating metabolism in our body.

"For a while I haven't been done any sports so I gained some extra weight, when I found the crosstraining workout at Twins. So I came down, at first I got tired, but later I used to it. I've lost 20 kg in a half year and now I'm more fit than ever."

"Workout was boring on my own that's why I came down for a cross-fit training. The team is great and it's very motivational. The good here is that you can be in different strength condition but you are able to succeed, as everyone must achieve his or her own desired maximum, weather you are a pro or an amateur. Everyone is very helpful..."

There is no need for registration for these courses. Workouts are held in simple training clothes.