A Twins Gym fõ profilja a Thai,- Kick-box (k-1) edzések

Thai-, Kick-Box (K-1)

Thai-, Kick-Box (K-1)

We integrate our years of knowledge into our daily trainings with special care for new technics and methods. Every new student is managed by the level of their knowledge with respect for developing skills and to keep the motivation for learning.

It is okay if you haven't done any sport, or you're not in shape, or not familiar with these sports. Our work ethic is to develop your strength and skills step by step.

"When I arrived to the gym I was scarred a little, but then I saw how friendly everyone around here and how good the team is."

"I was familiar with martial arts before I found Twins. On the first session I know that the level of knowledge and the work ethic is much better than at my previous gym, so I stayed"

"I came to Twins as a total beginner. The best for me was that they developed my skills step by step so my strength had also enough time to improve. My first sparring was only when I was confident enough for it"

K-1 follows a particular norm where different martial arts delegates fight with each other. This includes muay thai or thai-box from Thailand and USAs own kick-box, which combines techniques from karate, taekwondo, kung-Fu and of course traditional boxing. Originated from Thailand muay-thai or Thai-box, or as we call 'the science of 8 limbs' is the art of using knees, elbows beside hands and feet. On every session we train the students with specially constructed punch bags. In classic kick-box bust and head is the only targets for kicks and punches.

Fights are organized in numerous normative, they are split in two subgroups according to the intensity of punches and kicks. The first group is the semi-contact and light contact where the fight is not on full blown actions. These fights are fought on tatami, the other group is the full-contact, namely low-kick (kick-box) and thai-kickboxing (K-1) normative. The Thai- box trainings are concluded in ankle-protectors barefooted in boxing gloves. For us safety is very important so we assure the best equipment in our gym. Independently if you are interested in kick-box, Thai-box or K-1 or Muay tai, in our gym you are able to improve your skills in any of the mentioned martial arts. Our training system is built upon the best and most efficient techniques from every mentioned sports. It is better to think in system, as elements are similar in 80-90% so the remaining 10-20% can be taught with special care for the chosen normative.

There is no need for registration for these courses. Workouts are held in simple training clothes but if you have any boxing equipment it worth bringing with you.