Lakatos Suzy

I have been a gymnast for 10 years and i was a dancer for also 10 years. Im a professional dancer, i got into the fitness modelling and after that I graduated as a movement artist at the Hungarian Circus and Varieté.

In 2012 I graduated in fitness and bodybuilding I got my Kettlebell Coach exam and i got my preventive spine and stretching trainer’s paper. Last year i spent some time in England where i attended in an advanced class of Cirque de Soleil’s stretching trainer. Sport has always been an active part of my life, i’ve learned, taught and exchanged different type of movement and training methods, but during this time stretching always played a permanent part of my professional life.

That is not a coincidence, since every sport profits from stretching and it affects our health positively. Stretching identified by many as the last part of any training session, but its not the case. Stretching is a preventative thing which improves sport performance, contributes to a good posture, helps maintaining the flexibility of our body.

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