Höflinger Klaudia

My name is Höflinger Klaudia and im a III. Dan ITF Taekwon-do Master. I’ve been a gymnast for 9 years and those years defined my life. After that I picked up Taekwon-do and I’ ve been doing that ever since.

Im also a fitness and wellness instructor and currently studying at the University of Szeged, in Sport and Recreation Management. I regularly run Kick-box and Taekwon-do training sessions for different ages. I completed these sessions with calisthenics, stretching individualy or in groups. Im combining my techniques from what I have learned during the years of being a gymnast and from many other sports I have tried since sport became a huge part of my life.

My sessions are about getting into shape, get stamina and get rid of daily stress. Don’t hesitate, join me and be a part of my group.

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